bathed and afterward her companion brought her one of the

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If the difficulty was unusually profound, the applicant was directed to someone more specially experienced in that line of thought.

bathed and afterward her companion brought her one of the

Here was a religion which gave to the searching mind a rational basis in life, the concept of an immense Loving Power working steadily out through them, toward good. It gave to the "soul" that sense of contact with the inmost force, of perception of the uttermost purpose, which we always crave. It gave to the "heart" the blessed feeling of being loved, loved and UNDERSTOOD. It gave clear, simple, rational directions as to how we should live--and why. And for ritual it gave first those triumphant group demonstrations, when with a union of all the arts, the revivifying combination of great multitudes moved rhythmically with march and dance, song and music, among their own noblest products and the open beauty of their groves and hills. Second, it gave these numerous little centers of wisdom where the least wise could go to the most wise and be helped.

bathed and afterward her companion brought her one of the

"It is beautiful!" I cried enthusiastically. "It is the most practical, comforting, progressive religion I ever heard of. You DO love one another--you DO bear one another's burdens--you DO realize that a little child is a type of the kingdom of heaven. You are more Christian than any people I ever saw. But--how about death? And the life everlasting? What does your religion teach about eternity?"

bathed and afterward her companion brought her one of the

"Nothing," said Ellador. "What is eternity?"

What indeed? I tried, for the first time in my life, to get a real hold on the idea.

"Never stopping?" She looked puzzled.

"Oh--we see that, of course. Life does go on forever, all about us."

"But eternal life goes on WITHOUT DYING."

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